Not as cool as I'd hoped.

My name is Julia and I post nothing but robots. Mainly Transformers. That's pretty much it


when friend’s parents pay for your food and you have to pretend you don’t want them to

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"why do you reblog your own posts"

because im thirsty for notes what the fuck does it look like

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me when the homestuck game comes out: oh, hey, I remember buying this…. I was so excited…. just a lad back then…

my child: dad what are you looking at

me: that’s right I am a father now. I don’t have time for this. c’mon kiddo let’s go play catch that’s the only game I need. I’m 47

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i feel u

or like i want to

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Where’s the DJD’s favourite place to skateboard?



The half-pipe.


It was quite the ripping experience for pipes.

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It was either shop at LookHuman and get two things for $50 or forever 21 and get 5 items for the same price. Forever 21 it is.

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